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nd it o▓ver to the new crew, and “wished to enj▓oy the satisfaction of feeling that they had● only done their duty as British s▓oldiers, determined to support t▓heir commanding officer in an●y position.” The incident is not merely one● of passing interest, it evidences ▓that sentiment du devoir and

discipline whic▓h, combined, form the finest soldiery the world ●has ever seen. These are but▓ a few of the noble records of the “▓Army at Sea.” CHAP

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TER IX THE PENINSULAR ARMY●: (a) ITS MAKING—1793–1808 Pea▓ce—general peace at all events 癃had reigned from 1783 to 1789, when th▓e French Revolution broke out.With the me●rits or demerits of that great strug▓gle

this story has nothing to do; but none the▓ less the overthrow of the monarchy of▓ France not only created an almost continuous co▓ndition of war for a quarter of a century●, but helped most materially to raise▓ to the highest pitch the Continental op●inion as to the military valu

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e of Great Britain▓.Its naval strength through▓out that quarter of a century was most fully● proved.It remained for the stubborn fi▓ghting power of the land forces to ▓be displayed during the same eventful peri●od.French anger, English panic, had dragged ▓the latter into open war with Fra▓nce, and that not with

out alli●es.All the world began by being again●st the new Republic: small wonder, then▓, that in her new-born freedom she turne

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d bi●tterly against her world-wide antagonists, and f●ought them all.That she did not fully▓ conquer them was largely due to one small Sta▓te—England.The wealth of the latte▓r, even then comparatively greater than the Con●tinent, her naval prepondera●nce, infinitely greater, as e●vents proved, than that of h▓er antagonist, though her numerical fighting s▓trength as compared with the Continental

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▓ powers was but small, and her insula●r position, made her eventually almost th●e arbiter of Europe, when the great strug▓gle drew to an end. As u

sual, the ●actual number of the army thr●oughout the years from 1793 to 1808 co●nstantly varied.The 150,000 men u

nder ar●ms in 1780 was reduced to 40,00▓0 the next156 year, was increase▓d the year after to about 55,000 in Great Bri▓tain, and fel

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